Loaded by Marcus Eddie

Show a box completely empty, then, produce an entire deck of cards. The easiest, most powerful method ever invented.

Now, I hope your mind is sitting down right now. Cause it’s about to be blown to pieces. A couple alternate handling of Marcus Eddie’s “LOADED” are shown here by Rick Lax.

  1. Show an empty box.
  2. Produce an entire deck of cards
  3. Angle-proof, and easy to do!

“Loaded” is a revolutionary way to produce an entire deck of cards from an empty box. It’s super easy to do, and is completely angle-proof.

As Rick explains in just a few minutes he was able to adapt loaded to his preference as can you. Rick goes on to say “The more I see from Marcus, the more impressed I am with his work.”

What better way to produce an invisible deck, than with Loaded!!” -Marcus Eddie

PROFESSIONALS: Use Loaded as an opener, and you’ll have their jaws hanging open before you even do your first “official” trick.

In this 40 minute video, Marcus Eddie will show you TONS of applications to his revolutionary miracle.

About Marcus Eddie

Marcus Eddie has been a magician for over 20 years. One of the most creative magicians on the planet, he creates magical memorable moments. He has received multiple awards for his performances, using original illusions to activate your imagination. His shows are fast-paced, exciting and allows the audience to experience magic.

Marcus has a number of videos for anyone looking to expand their repertoire including “Promo” the most magical way on earth to hand out business cards and “Reconnect” where Marcus will show you how to tear any card in half and visually restore with just a touch without ever having to fold or damage your cards!

These two videos plus Loaded and many more are available at PenguinMagic.com. Penguin Magic is proud to be a part of The Penguin Foundation.

The Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing magic to critically ill children (affectionately called “sick kids”).

Our goals are to:

  • Teach kids to entertain their peers and loved ones
  • Promote personal growth through performance and
  • Help sick kids envision a world of possibility

Many children face injury and disease that necessitate extended hospital stays. We believe it is possible to enrich the quality of this experience by giving the individual the opportunity to learn and perform magic tricks. Such a challenge can help build self-confidence, enhance social development, and reinforce a connection with peers, loved ones, and society.

The Penguin Foundation is one source of support for hospitals and other charitable organizations dedicated to helping sick kids. We work mainly by donating time, magic tricks and instructional DVDs to hospitals around the world. Since our financial resources are modest in comparison to societal needs, we focus on helping to create moments of joy. We hope these proud and magical moments, like the moment a child performs his or her first magic trick, will enrich the time spent in the hospital and possibly even develop into a meaningful hobby.

The Penguin Foundation is an Independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization. The funds derive from Penguin Magic, Inc. a Nevada Corporatio