Decoy by Eoin O’Hare

Magic tricks are great for impressing your friends as well as practicing your slight of hand and your ability as a performer. All you’ll need to perform the basic card tricks is a standard deck of playing cards, a little practice, and a flair for dazzling your audience.

Once in a while, a miracle hits the market. One that is visual, simple, yet practical. We believe DECOY is one of those effects. Eoin O’Hare’s DECOY, the most visual and deceptive diminishing deck ever conceived. The full deck slowly, visually diminishes under your complete control.

In-depth training, handling, and routines by Zach Mueller. Decoy features 40 minutes of instruction with one of the most creative minds in magic, Zach Mueller, covering every single aspect of the effect. No stone left unturned. No detail left untouched. Perform from 0 to 60 in just minutes. In addition, two powerful routines are taught right out of Zach Mueller’s own repertoire with bonus tips, tricks, and ideas.

Handcrafted gimmick. Ingenious design. Unlimited applications. Decoy is always ready – wherever you go. It’s extremely versatile with numerous applications from a Rising Card to even performing Decoy on the spectator’s hands! Infinitely customizable in every way to suit your style and performance needs. The handcrafted Decoy gimmick works with any kind of deck.

Who Is Zach Mueller?

Zach Mueller is an 18 year old obsessive of all things magic – playing cards, sleight of hand, cardistry and such. Also a lover and performer of improv comedy and making YouTube videos. He works for magic company theory11 – writing, hosting, filming and editing their weekly magic webshow, Exposé.

Zach discovered magic in a wondrous place “When I was 8 years old, my family was living in London. There is a huge department store called Harrods, which is an eight-year-olds dream. I went to the kids floor.
There was a section of that floor that was all Marvin’s Magic, complete with a demonstrator at a fancy booth with a close-up pad doing Svengali deck tricks. Fooled me to the point of break.
Asked for a magic set. Got magic set. Played with magic set. Forgot about magic set.
Cut to David Blaine’s special from 2006 – I saw the self-tying shoelace and flipped my shiz. I was 10 at the time, and I’ve been hooked since.”

He has spent the last 8 years honing his skills “Playing with cards non-stop. I love creating tricks that are flashy, flourishy sleights. Cardistry helps a lot here, because a lot of flourishes need flare to really look shmexy.
I usually start with a move and try to create a variation on it to give it more flare. Usually after lots of reworking, the end-product turns out to be worlds away from the original move.
I love moves that are weird, knacky, and strange. I love a challenge, so if I can get a crazy hard, knacky move to work ONCE out of 100 times, I’m dead-set on perfecting it to a point where I can do it consistently.”

Looking to the future Zach says, “My favorite thing is when a magician tells me something I’m excited about creating looks bad, or isn’t practical. I take that, and use it as my motivator to get it perfect, and get it to a point where I can show the same person 6 months later, and fool them with the same move they dismissed before. Love. It.”